Oh Oliver


Gee Oliver i wonder why everyone thinks this

Because you two are so subtle in public right!!

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The way Oliver looks at Felicity

( He’s so in love)

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Season one Felicity is so cute

( I forget how young she looks and how young Emily is)

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You guys are so married!!


The many ways Oliver and Felicity act as a married couple.

I cant believe his doing this with all the press around

Eye Contact

Letting wifey know she can come to him if she needs to talk

Making sure the other is safe

There was no choice to make

Honey we need to talk!!

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The beauty of watching a TV show is that we as the audience get to see how our otps fall in love.

We see all the little moments that we know their friends and family don’t get to see and makes us as the viewer share the emotions with the characters.

I’m not a huge fan of Oliver but i love seeing…

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This just this

Stephen Amell you sexy thing

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I have a feeling this season there’s going to by many times we shake our heads at Oliver and Felicity and say that there idiots and get together already

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(Not my Gifs)

Mr and Mrs Queen showing their affection for one another out in public

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Is it wrong that I ship Roy/ Laurel

Laurel could be a cougar

(I think katie and Colton seem to have a good friendship)

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How Emily won Comic con

(P.s I love what she wore)

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Some of my fav moments Part 1

Who agrees?

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Some of my fav moments Part 2p>

Who agrees?

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If Oliver can’t date Felicity he better not give her that fucked up “the life I lead ” crap speech.

It’s a cop out to her and I will smack him silly.

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The first date


It will start with Felicity getting dressed like this ( im hoping) 

They will be all cute and Flirty

Then shit hits the fan and John Casey (John Diggle) will need to come in and interupt their date to save the day.

I see Chuck vs The first Date happening

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The actors who play my otp are really pretty (just sayin’) pt 1

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